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Low Flow Toilets and Dual Flush Toilets: The Main Advantages

Low Flow Toilets and Dual Flush Toilets: The Main Advantages

save_on_water_bills_480By learning more about the performance of the latest low-flow toilet systems, homeowners can ensure they make the right choice for their upcoming renovation projects in 2017.

Many property owners are now looking at ways to conserve their water costs in the coming years, and low flow toilets provide exceptional frugal performance compared with traditional toilets.

In this latest post, we’ll dive further into low flow toilets and their benefits around the home. This information will hopefully help you make the right choice as you begin considering renovation options this year!

Achieve Leading-Class Water Efficiency

One of the reasons so many property owners are now installing low-flow toilets in their home is the efficiency the systems provide. Rather than using up 3.4 gallons per flush, low flow toilets simply use 1.6 gallons on average, to ensure you lower your annual water costs.

With rates rising for many homeowners as a result of quickly diminishing resources, this commitment to water use efficiency can help provide you with greater financial flexibility in other areas.

benefits_of_dual_flush_toiletsComprehensive Design Flexibility

Another of the clear benefits you can expect to achieve through the use of low-flow toilets is their design flexibility.

Rather than using a larger traditional toilet, you can use smaller low flow systems to streamline their integration in your home. This will help you to minimize your design and installation costs and allow you more room to create the bathroom of your dreams when the project begins!

Questions to Ask When Considering Renovation Firms

Now that you have an insight on the benefits low flow toilets can bring to the home, you can begin to consider the company to install the toilet and renovate your bathroom space. Below are several questions you should consider when reviewing renovation firms:

  • How much experience does the firm have in the industry?

An installation must be completed correctly the first time. It’s important the company has experience in installing low flow systems to limit the time and costs involved in the project.

  • Can you provide a full quote?

The company you work with should be able to provide you with a quote for their work. This will ensure you’re ready to finance the cost and you’re not left financially stretched by your investment.

  • What are the maintenance requirements for the system?

Before installing a low flow system in your home, it’s important you work with the installation team to understand all maintenance requirements. Their team should be able to guide you on the cleaning of the system and its future care requirements.

The experts at Hall’s Plumbing in Woodland, CA are available around the clock to guide you in choosing the optimal low flow toilet system for your home. To learn more, call us today at (530) 290-1922.