Frequently Asked Questions on Trenchless Services

When it comes to sewer and pipe issues, Hall’s Plumbing recommends our minimally invasive solutions whenever possible. As the top name for trenchless sewer repair in Woodland, CA, and nearby areas, we answer your main questions regarding the technology.

What exactly is trenchless technology?

Trenchless technology refers to less invasive techniques that minimize or eliminate digging while still delivering the desired results. One of the most common trenchless methods today traces its origins to the early 1970s when an agricultural engineer had to fix a pipe but needed to do so without removing it. This is when what's known as cured-in-place piping or pipe lining was developed.

Pipe bursting was also developed in the 1970s. It was a practical way to deal with thousands of older cast iron pipes that needed to be replaced throughout England and other parts of the UK.

Another trenchless method known as micro tunneling originated in Japan in the '70s before making its way to the U.S. in the 1980s. Trenchless technology has continued to evolve to the point where it's much more accessible, versatile, and affordable today.

When is trenchless repair advisable?

Trenchless repair is appealing and popular today because it's a money-saving, long-term way to address a wide range of pipe-related issues, including damage from soil movement, age, and tree roots. It's often an advisable approach to repair if the damage is mainly limited to one area. The pipe also needs to be structurally sound if the preference is for repair rather than replacement.

How do we determine if trenchless services are applicable to the situation?

The condition of the pipe is one of the top factors we consider when determining the feasibility of trenchless repair. This is usually determined with a video camera inspection. We also consider the location of the affected pipe along with the nature and extent of the damage.

Why do we recommend trenchless repairs?

We typically recommend trenchless repair when it's not possible to use traditional methods for practical or logistic reasons. In addition, we realize many homeowners and business owners prefer techniques that are highly effective but minimally disruptive and cost-effective. These are among the many benefits associated with trenchless technology.

What are common trenchless options used today?

The most common approach to trenchless repair is cured-in-place piping. With this process, a resin-filled liner is inserted into the pipe after it's saturated with a durable resin material. Additional options include pipe bursting, where the damaged pipe is fragmented as a new one is inserted within the same space. With brush coating, a wear-resistant resin coating is applied to the inside of the pipe.

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