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Celebrating Women in Plumbing

Women’s History Includes Plumbing History

March is Women’s History Month, and the plumbing world is not often associated with women. Still, it is an industry where women have had tremendous influence and where the number of women working in it is steadily growing. This article will share some information about how women have been instrumental in shaping the plumbing industry.

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Contemporary Women in Plumbing

Women account for only 2.3% of plumbers in the industry, but the number is ever increasing. Trades jobs are in high demand in the market due to the number of people who are preparing to retire from the industry. More and more women are seeing the earning potential and job security available in the plumbing industry.

Social Club Turned Activist Group

The Ladies Auxiliary Committee for the National Association of Master Plumbers was originally intended as a social club created by men to entertain the wives of the plumbers that were part of the association. When the women gained control of their organization, things began to change and they started using the group as a platform for activism. These wives were often involved in the business side of their husbands’ businesses, taking calls, answering questions, and taking care of scheduling and books. 

They turned their business acumen toward the women’s auxiliary and created a powerhouse for lobbying for the industry. The responsibility for a great deal of legislation about sanitation and public safety is laid at the feet of the Women’s Auxiliary Committee. Some of the changes they were involved in are listed below:

  • The Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Clean gas station restrooms
  • Restrooms in public places like grocery stores and restaurants
  • Scholarships for those studying the trade


The “Pretty Plumber:” Lillian Ann Baumbachplumbing woman

In Arlington, Virginia, in January of 1930, a girl named Lillian Ann Baumbach was born. Her father was a master plumber and had his own business. Lillian began her career by assisting her father in his plumbing business, and in 1951, she passed the exams with flying colors to become the first female master plumber in the United States. 

She opened up the trade industry for other women, proving that women could do a plumber’s work. Her customers often called her “the pretty plumber.” She was a fascinating woman with an incredibly interesting life. Here are a few bits of trivia about Lillian Ann Baumbach:

  • Beautiful: She was a  pinup girl during the Korean War.
  • Accomplished:  She was interviewed by Walter Cronkite after passing the master plumber exams.
  • Prodigy: Some sources say she was as young as 6 when she first began to do plumbing work, and by age twelve, she was assisting her father in his plumbing business regularly.
  • Pen Pal: She received many letters after appearing on television, radio, and in magazines. She responded to them all and kept up a correspondence with many of her admirers.


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