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The Dos and Don'ts of Clearing a Blocked Drain

2 Ways to Fix Clogged Drains - and 1 Way to Make it Worse

Modern plumbing is nothing short of a miracle. All of the technology and infrastructure that is necessary to bring clean water to every home and business is truly a marvel. When people think of indoor plumbing, they probably think of getting a glass of cool water straight from the tap or taking a hot shower. Most people think of the drainage in their plumbing system as an afterthought. However, it is of equal importance to the supply of freshwater. Just ask anyone who has ever had to deal with a serious drain clog. 

Making sure that drains quickly remove soiled water is an important consideration for homeowners. When drains clog, it can be a nasty hassle to try and get them moving again. Luckily there are a variety of methods to choose from to help remove clogs. Take this advice from local plumbers and learn about the best ways to remove drain clogs and one specific suggestion not to try. 

Drain Snakes and Rooterssnaking

For as long as there have been drain and sewer systems, clogs have formed. One of the first devices used to clean drain and sewer pipes is a drain snake or rooter machine. Snakes and routers are devices that have long, flexible cables that can be inserted into drain pipes. Once the cable is in the drain line, it can be turned to snag debris with an auger in the shape of a corkscrew or hook. The spinning cable winds debris up and extracts it while the auger chews through invasive roots or stubborn debris. 

Snakes range in size based on the size of the pipe they are designed to clear. Small snakes exist to clear bathtub and sink drains. Larger versions exist to clear four-inch sewer lines. In many cases, snaking a drain can be done by a homeowner, but if in doubt, it never hurts to call for professional drain cleaning. 

Professional Hydro-jettinghydrojetting

Hydro-jetting is a high-tech alternative to snaking large drains and sewer lines. Hydrojetting machines use high-pressure water to blast through sewer blockages and clean the pipe walls as it goes. The result is clean pipes that are as good as new. 

Hydro-jetting can be particularly helpful for homes that are dealing with chronic clogs. Too often, the insides of pipes get built up with grease and debris that make clogs more likely to occur. A professional hydro-jetting visit can clean pipes and give the homeowner a fresh start. 

Plumbers Don’t Come in a Bottle!

One of the first things most people try when dealing with a sewer blockage is a chemical drain cleaner. Chemical drain cleaners are harsh and dangerous chemicals that shouldn’t be used in any situation. Not only are they dangerous to use and store, but chemical drain cleaners can also ruin pipes and cause major plumbing issues in sewer lines. 

Instead of taking the risk of doing serious damage to plumbing, calling a drain cleaning specialist is a better idea. Not only do plumbers have better tools and training, but they can also protect homes from the potential consequences of damaging drain lines. 

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