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Watch Out for Outdoor Plumbing Clogs!

Everything You Need To Know About Clogged Outdoor Plumbing

Usually, when people think about plumbing and drain clogs, they picture stopped-up sinks, tubs, or toilets. But clogs aren’t just limited to a home’s indoor plumbing system. The outdoor pipes are susceptible as well. Depending on which outdoor pipes become clogged, the results can range from inconvenient to disastrous. 

Whether it’s an irrigation system that’s stopped working or a completely flooded lawn, it’s best to solve the problem as soon as possible before the damage worsens. Keep reading to learn about some common outdoor plumbing systems, what causes them to become clogged, and how to fix them.


Exterior Plumbing Fixtures

The typical home has a variety of outdoor plumbing fixtures. Landscape drainage systems help transport rainwater or excess irrigation water away from the house and into the municipal storm drains. These typically feature a small drain grate in the lawn or near the home, which leads to an underground pipe that lets out into the street.

Irrigation and sprinkler systems feature PVC or PEX tubing buried a few inches underground, leading from the home to each sprinkler head or drip nozzle. Fountains and other water features typically have similar underground supply lines that draw water from the home’s water main. Pools generally feature a closed-loop of sturdy underground PVC pipes that circulate water between the pool pump and the pool basin.

What Causes Outdoor Pipe Clogs?

A clogged pipe can occur from various causes, depending on the system affected. Landscape drains are where the majority of outdoor plumbing clogs occur. They are usually caused by leaves, dirt, or other debris collecting on the drain grate or inside the underground drain pipe.

Fountain, pond, irrigation, or sprinkler system clogs can occur when dirt or other debris enters the system (usually through a leak in the supply line) or if tree roots or shifting soil have caused the pipes to collapse or break. Pool line clogs are often the result of debris entering the suction lines through the skimmer or main drain, but damage from roots or soil movement can also create an obstruction.

The Best Ways To Clear Tough Clogs

clogsIn some cases, homeowners may be able to clear a pipe clog themselves by extracting a few handfuls of leaves and using a garden hose on full blast. That may be all it takes to clear out a clogged landscape drain, but it’s usually not so easy. In most cases, it may be necessary to call a professional.

Professional plumbers and drain cleaners use special methods such as hydro-jetting (a much more powerful and advanced version of that garden hose trick) to clear underground pipe clogs. They also have tools to cut away invading roots from pipes. Experts can pinpoint underground leaks or breakages and replace the damaged section of pipe to get things flowing again.

Of course, the best option is to try and prevent clogs in the first place by keeping outdoor drains, water features, and pool filters clean and free of debris. This won’t prevent all types of outdoor clogs, but it will go a long way!

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