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Which Sewer Line Problems Can Hydrojetting Fix?

The Basics of Hydrojetting

Drain cleaning is not always as simple as pouring hot water down the drain to clear or prevent clogs. Due to debris, cooking grease, and minerals, sewer lines may require a more powerful treatment to completely clear them of clogs and buildup.

Hydrojetting is an effective way for plumbers to clear blockages without damaging the pipes. Hydrojetting is often referred to as high-pressure drain cleaning. This is because a specialized instrument is used to spray pressurized water that can remove limescale, magnesium, and even tree roots. Hydrojetting is the only professional method used for cleaning sewer lines. 

Removing Tree Roots 

tree rootsThe sewer line runs underground and contains water and various nutrients for plants. Tree roots often migrate toward sewer lines so they can find an entryway into the pipes to reach water and nutrients. Oak, Maple, Birch, and Sycamore trees are especially likely to damage underground lines.

Tree roots usually access the inside of a sewer line through joints or existing cracks in the pipe system. These roots are strong enough to cause damage and eventually a sewer line backup. Professionals use hydrojetting to break up tree roots that have accumulated in sewer lines forming clogs. They can also use a specialized camera to locate the clog and damage before the hydro jet is used.

Get Rid of Grease Clogs

greaseGrease clogs are one of the most common problems seen in sewer lines. When hot grease cools, it becomes solid and can cling to the sides of pipes. Over time, more and more grease can build up and trap other debris to create a blockage.

Hydrojetting is an effective way to clear away this buildup and restore a sewer line to peak condition. Hydrojetting uses high-pressure water to break up the grease and flush it away. It's a safe and effective way to clean the sewer line and prevent future clogs.

Unclogging Non-Flushable Materials

If homeowners have ever had a clogged toilet, they know how frustrating it can be. But even if the toilet still works after flushing a paper towel, tissue, or other non-flushable materials, these items can still form a blockage deep in the sewer line. Even if the toilet doesn't clog, these materials can build up over time and cause a blockage. A clog in the sewer line can cause malfunctioning toilets.

Hydrojetting is a powerful way to clean out a sewer line and remove any built-up materials and clear the way for proper drainage. It's an effective solution for unclogging non-flushable materials and can help prevent future clogs from forming. Homeowners can also help prevent these clogs by only flushing toilet paper and keeping a waste basket in the bathroom to dispose of all other items.

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