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Universal Plumbing Myths Homeowners Should Know

Universal Plumbing Myths Homeowners Should Know

myth-or-factIn this era of fake news and misleading information, it's important to know the difference between truth and fiction. That's true even when it comes to your plumbing. In an effort to demystify some of the information and stories you may have heard, we compiled the following review of some popular plumbing myths.

Rats, Frogs, And Snakes Can Travel Through the Sewer to Get To Your Toiletrats-in-pipes 

It may sound like the storyline from a bad horror film, but it's actually true. Rats and frogs have always made their homes in aging sewer systems.

Occasionally, snakes follow them down, chasing their prey. Much to the shock and dismay of unsuspecting homeowners, these critters can crawl and swim through sewer pipes to eventually end up in their toilet.

It's also possible for squirrels and birds to access your plumbing system via the vent stack on your roof. A wire mesh cap installed on top of the stack can prevent this from happening.

A professional plumber can also install a multi-flap to your toilet’s plumbing. This one-way valve allows water and waste to exit your toilet while preventing any wildlife from entering.

If Water Is Draining From Your Sink, It Isn't Really Cloggedclogged-drains

We may be dealing with semantics here, but there is a difference between a clog and a complete blockage. Nevertheless, the former will eventually lead to the latter.

Gunk, food waste and hair sent down the drain can slowly congest your pipes, slowing down the flow of water. As the opening in the pipe gets narrower and narrower, it will take longer for your sink or bathtub to drain until it eventually gets entirely blocked and water cannot escape at all. That's when you run the risk of having water back up into your home.

For that reason, it's important to have clogs cleared away as quickly as possible before they can cause serious damage. If you can't get rid of the clog using a plunger, or if you have a problem with recurring clogs, you'll probably need to seek the assistance of a professional plumber. An experienced technician will have the necessary tools to resolve the problem.

One such tool is a process called hydrojetting. This system uses pressurized water to scrape debris from the inside of your pipes, blasting away even the most stubborn clog.

Your friends at Hall's Plumbing are at your disposal when it comes to removing clogs or making your toilets animal-proof. We are also the Woodland, CA area go-to experts for all of your plumbing and water heater needs. To book an appointment, call 530-290-1922 today.