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What World Water Day Means

What World Water Day Means

world-waterToday, there are over 623 million people living without a safe water supply close to their home. It’s an example of why World Water Day was created. Now, across the globe, millions are coming together to ensure that people in underdeveloped countries have access to safe water resources.

This process helps limit the spread of disease and safeguard the health of those living in poorer nations. In this latest post, we’ll take a closer look at World Water Day and explain what you can do to reduce water use close to home.

What is World Water Day?

wasting-waterWorld Water Day was formed in 1993 by the UN as a way to recognize the ongoing plight of those without safe access to drinking water around the world. As part of their current mandates, the UN is now working toward the goal of making sure that every person has local access to safe drinking water by 2030.

As part of this goal, they are educating people around the world on the importance of conserving water resources and encouraging others to play an important role in resolving this ongoing challenge.

What Can You Do Locally?

The actions that you take locally can help to conserve water resources for use in your region. Let’s look at a few options for reducing your own water consumption:

water-dropUse low-flow shower heads

Low-flow showerheads can cut your shower water consumption by more than half, helping you play a key role in reducing local water consumption. Work with a local plumber in selecting quality low flow products designed for high efficiency in the modern home.

Limit dishwasher use

Your home dishwasher uses 7 gallons of water on average per wash. This means that you could be using 30 or 40 gallons of water in your dishwasher alone each week. Try to only use your dishwasher when you have a full rack of dishes to clean. This will help you cut down on dishwasher use and conserve a considerable amount of water in your home.

Turn off the taps
One of the leading causes of water overuse in the average home is the use of taps during bathing and dishes cleaning processes. Whether you’re cleaning your teeth or scrubbing the night’s dishes, make sure you turn the tap off during the process to help conserve water resources.

Our team is here to guide you in reducing your water consumption ready for World Water Day. To learn more conservation tips, call our Woodland, CA team now at (530) 290-1922.