Woodland Plumbing Video Inspection

We’ll help you get to the bottom of your sewer or drain problem with professional plumbing video inspection services. Call Hall's Plumbing at (530) 207-0184 to request immediate service today.

Plumbing camera inspections are necessary before carrying out jobs such as hydrojetting or sewer line repair/replacement. A video inspection alerts us to existing problems in your sewer and drain lines that may pose problems during repair or replacement work. Even heavy-duty hydrojetting can damage already weakened lines.

At Hall’s Plumbing we provide professional sewer line video inspections for customers throughout Woodland, CA. We have been serving homeowners and commercial properties since 1995, and we understand the unique plumbing needs of Woodland residents.

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What to Expect from a Plumbing Camera Inspection

We insert a flexible cable into your sewer line. This cable features a small camera at the tip that records its travels through the pipeline. We view the images in real time on an attached monitor. You can look on with us as the camera reveals cracks, blockages, tree roots, and other problems that might be developing in your line.

The cable follows the path of your plumbing line all the way through. We will get to see exactly what is wrong with your pipes, the exact location of the problem, and provide you with more accurate solutions.

For example:

  • If we see that your pipes are too weak with pre-existing damage, we will not recommend hydrojetting as this can further weaken your pipes; instead, we may recommend sewer line replacement for your long-term safety.
  • If you need to repair your line and we notice from the video inspection that tree roots or other debris need to be cleared first, we will clear those out then proceed with the repair.

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Planning to Buy a New Home?

You’ve found your dream home and can’t wait to sign the papers and move in. Have you done a plumbing inspection first? We strongly recommend having a plumbing video inspection performed by a trusted professional before closing any deals.

You don’t want to neglect inspecting the plumbing, only to move in and experience plumbing problems that require you to replace old, weakened pipes. Don’t risk paying thousands of dollars to fix the problem when you can pay just a few hundred on inspection that gives you long-term peace of mind.

At Hall’s Plumbing we provide trusted plumbing camera inspections for new homeowners and real estate professionals. If needed, we can make a copy of the recording and provide it to you for your records.

Give us a call today at (530) 207-0184 to request an immediate Woodland, CA plumbing video inspection by Hall’s Plumbing. Enjoy upfront, flat-rate pricing and peace of mind guaranteed.