Efficient Water Filtration Installation and Repair in Woodland

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Keep your water clean with our expert water filtration system installation and repair services

Even if your water looks clear and clean, it may be home to numerous toxins and impurities that can wreak havoc on your home and put your family at risk for illness and disease. At Hall's Plumbing, we work with homeowners in Woodland, CA to provide water filtration system services that are unique and individualized to meet the specific needs and demands of your home.

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What is a Water Filtration Device?

Tap water is contaminated with countless toxins, minerals, bacteria and other impurities. This is where water filtration systems come in. These devices are designed to trap, capture and neutralize harmful contaminants that could potentially damage your plumbing system or pose a risk for illness and disease to your family. Depending on your specific water use (i.e. drinking, cleaning, or irrigation) will determine the type of device best suited for you and your needs.

Popular Types of Filtration Devices

Although there are many types of water filtration devices, some of the most common types of systems include:

  • Carbon filter: These filters use activated carbon to trap impurities as the water passes through. After passing through the filter, you are left with clean, fresh water that is safe for drinking, washing and other uses.
  • Reverse osmosis: A thick membrane is the main component in this device. As the water travels through, bacteria and impurities become trapped. Water is then pumped back into your plumbing system ready to be used for multiple purposes.
  • Water softeners: These systems remove hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium from your water by passing the water through a tank filled with salts designed to neutralize the mineral ions.

What are the Benefits?

There are many health and financial benefits to installing a water filtration system. These systems provide additional perks including:

  • Peace of mind knowing your family is protected from illness and disease.
  • Reduced scale and other sediment buildup on your fixtures.
  • Save money on bottled water since your home water is safe and clean to drink.

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Why to Choose Us

In addition to providing consistently dependable and affordable services, we also include the following features and benefits adding value for our customers:

  • Pay by the job, not by the hour with our flat rate service program.
  • Multiple repair and installation options to fit any budget.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Make sure your water is clean and safe to use for drinking, cleaning and watering your garden. Call (530) 207-0184 and get in touch with one of our experts to learn which water filtration system will best suit you and your Woodland, CA home.