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Your plumbing system is one of the most important aspects of your home, greatly contributing to your overall health and comfort. When your plumbing pipes become cracked or worn out, your plumbing system’s entire function is at risk, as well as your home and belongings, and possibly your safety. Damaged pipes can lead to unpleasant flooding, or water and sewer backup. Water damage, contamination, and mold, and mildew growth can be unpleasant side effects. Avoid a plumbing disaster, and protect your pipes with our professional pipe lining services.

Proudly serving the Sacramento, CA, community, Hall’s Plumbing boasts the highest quality plumbing services, skilled and certified technicians, and guaranteed customer satisfaction. We’ll tackle whatever plumbing problem your system throws your way, with accurate, reliable results. If you need to have your home’s pipes relined, don’t hesitate to give our team a call today.

If your home’s pipes are old and outdated, they may be at risk of cracking and bursting. We offer repiping services in the Sacramento Metro Area.

Your Local Pipe Lining Professionals

When we take on a job, we aim to exceed customer expectations. Our technicians are the best of the best, and can correctly handle any plumbing problem that presents itself. When it comes to plumbing pipes, there is no one-size-fits-all fix. Hall’s Plumbing provides expert pipe lining services in Sacramento County and promises precise, long-lasting solutions to your specific needs.

What is Pipe Lining?

Pipelining serves to restore cracked or corroded pipes by inserting a new pipe within the damaged pipe. This is generally more cost-effective and less intrusive than total pipe replacement. Pipelining prolongs the lifespan of your plumbing system, preserves building structures and landscapes, and causes little disruption to property.

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Signs You Need Pipe Lining

It is often difficult to diagnose problems with underground pipes, since many issues can not be seen by the naked eye. If your pipes are damaged and require new pipe lining, you may notice one or several of the following symptoms.

  • Dirty water.
  • Water or sludge backup in sinks, showers, or bath tubs.
  • Foul odor in your yard.
  • Visible lawn changes, such as patches of sudden growth.
  • Gurgling toilets.
  • Pipe clogs or drainage issues.

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