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Do you keep running out of hot water when you’re trying to take a bath? Call us for professional water heater services!

One of the biggest frustrations for homeowners is going to turn on their tap to enjoy a hot shower or bath only to find that the water just won’t warm up to a comfortable temperature. Hot water is one of those conveniences in life you just don’t have to think twice about until it’s too late and you’re taking a cold shower. Let our experts assist you with water heater repair service. We can get you back to enjoying access to hot water for bathing, showering, cleaning, cooking, and disinfecting.

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Signs You Need a Repair

Sometimes, it may be obvious that you need to call a professional. If you’ve had your system for a long time, you may not be able to recognize when your water heater isn’t performing at the level it’s supposed to. Here are some signs you need to give us a call:

  • Your water gets cold fast: We all know that your water not warming up at all is a sign of a malfunctioning water heater, but what about when it cools down too quickly? Depending on the type of system you use, this could be a sign of a problem.
  • Leaking: Leaking around your water heater is a sign of trouble. If your system is cracked or a part corroded away, call us.
  • Strange smelling or looking water: Sediment build-up or rust can compromise the quality of your water. If you have rusty or muddy water, you need a repair.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Part of keeping your system healthy is making sure you’re maintaining your water heater. Regular tune ups performed by a professional can save you from a lot of headaches down the line. Water heaters can become clogged up with sediment causing your system to work harder and leading to cold water. Here are some benefits you will enjoy when you call us to flush your system:

  • Better performance
  • Longer life-span of your system
  • Boosted efficiency
  • Increased savings
  • A trained eye checking your system

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Work With Us

We understand that when it comes to your comfort, you don’t want to make sacrifices when it comes to quality. Luckily, when you work with Hall’s Plumbing, you don’t have to. We have over 20 years of experience in the plumbing field so you can expect high-quality water heater installations and repairs.

Our budget-friendly pricing and individualized solutions means that there’s an affordable fix for your service. We deliver because your satisfaction is important to us. We provide all of the assurances customers love including comprehensive warranties and satisfaction guarantees.

Hall’s Plumbing in Vacaville, CA is available for all of your water heater service needs. If you’re tired of taking cold showers, call us today at (530) 207-0184 to schedule your service with one of our trained professionals!