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4 Reasons to Work on Your Outdoor Plumbing For Spring

Outdoor Plumbing

4 Reasons to Work on Your Outdoor Plumbing For Spring

Outdoor Plumbing

With spring in the air, it’s time to get cracking on your spring cleaning and similar home maintenance jobs. You may already have been doing proactive maintenance on your indoor plumbing on your list, but don’t forget about your outdoor plumbing.

Your outdoor plumbing is exposed to the elements and is likely to leak, which is a great reason to stay on top of it. To break your list down for you, here are the tasks to take on.

Gutter Cleaning Tips

Home GuttersAfter the winter storms in Woodland, CA, your gutters are probably full of leaves and other matter. Clear your gutters out completely and often. Here is why:

When gutters are full, the path for water to drain out of your downspouts is blocked. The water won’t drain away from your home, which means that you are at high risk of getting leaks in your roof or around the foundation of the house.

Check the Faucets

Outdoor FaucetA dripping or leaking faucet outside poses a threat for water damage. Here is a low-tech test to see what you are up against.

Open the faucet to full. Place your finger over the spigot. Are you able to block the flow of water? If you are, that is a sign that you’ve got a leak in your supply line. Call for repairs.

Check the Sprinkler

SprinklerChecking to see if you have a leak in your sprinkler system is pretty easy. Do you spot any pools of water or sunken patches on your lawn?

Those are indications of leaks in the water line. Take time to tend to the valve boxes. Those enclosed spaces are popular places for rodents to nest, which can cause leaks too. If you discover water inside the valve box, you’ve got a leak.

Inspect the sprinkler nozzles for damage and repair as needed. Cut away overgrown grass and free the nozzle heads from stones and dirt.

Check Hoses

Outdoor HosesHoses are made of rubber and/or plastic, which means that you’ll need to repair or replace them eventually. Check them over before you pull them out for the season.

Even a small crack can leak a whole lot of water, which will make your watering efforts useless. Repair small cracks with a patch kit.

Be careful not to leave hoses too long in the sun, or let them sit with kinks, which will cause damage. There are many reasons to maintain your outdoor plumbing, but the most important is to save yourself money in the long run.