Answering Your Sewer Repair FAQs

Dealing with a sewer-related problem? Ensure prompt and effective services at all times with the help of Hall’s Plumbing. Our team specializes in sewer repair in Woodland, CA, and the surrounding areas. First, let us answer some of your biggest questions about sewer repair services:

What are the common sewer-related issues we address?

Sewer lines naturally age, which means there's the potential for leaks to develop as cracks form. Not surprisingly, this is one of the more common sewer-related problems we see and address. Others include:

  • Bellying – part of the pipe sinks to the ground
  • Pipe misalignment
  • Full or partial sewer line collapse
  • Pipe corrosion or deterioration
  • Loose or damaged pipe joints

What causes sewer issues?

Normal wear and tear are among the top causes of sewer-related issues. Sewer lines can also become damaged by tree roots, shifts within the soil, changes in water pressure, and corrosion accelerated by pipe scale or an accumulation of debris. Sudden temperature fluctuations can also affect sewer lines and contribute to damage.

How do we determine the appropriate sewer repair method?

The first step we take is to do a camera inspection of the affected sewer line. The results tell us what's going on with the sewer pipe, how bad the damage is, and where the problem area is located. We also consider how accessible the affected pipe is and the preferences of our clients when determining the most appropriate sewer repair solution.

What are the main signs your sewer line is failing?

When a sewer line "fails," it's often the result of several years or even decades of wear and other issues that affect stability. It's usually a combination of signs that suggest a sewer line has reached the point of failure, meaning it's in urgent need of repair or replacement. The indications of sewer line failure include:

  • Recurring issues with clogs and backups in multiple drains
  • Water gathering above where a sewer pipe is located
  • Persistent and strong sewer odors
  • An inability to properly use drains

What are the available options for sewer repair?

Dig-and-replace is a common way to repair a damaged sewer line. It's done by physically accessing the damaged pipe to remove and replace it. During trenchless repair, we restore the sewer pipe from the inside with a new coating. Another trenchless sewer repair option is pipe bursting, in which the damaged sewer line is broken apart as a new one is inserted in its place.

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