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4 Signs Your Home Needs Repiping

Have you been having annoying plumbing problems that won’t seem to go away? Repiping is a good option for part or all of a system showing warning signs, as these preventative repairs will restore the convenience of a well-running plumbing system and keep reoccurring repairs away. Call us today if you notice any of these six problems in your home or office:

  • Unusual color or taste of the water
  • Decreased water pressure
  • Any leaking or standing water
  • Corrosion from limescale

Why Are Copper Pipes So Popular?

Copper pipes were the original answer to lead-free piping and continue to be installed in modern homes today. While there are newer options, there are still many benefits to installing these pipes that stand the test of time and get you the results you want from a low-maintenance system.

  • Lightweight and corrosion resistant
  • Carries both hot and cold water
  • Effective as drain-waste-vent lines
  • Permitted by almost every plumbing code in the country
  • Long lasting and durable even in colder weather
  • Recyclable and installed without any harmful chemicals

There's a better way to repair your sewer line! Call us to learn about trenchless pipe repair.

What Is PEX and Why Do Plumbers Love It?

Water lines have come a long way from the first known ancient clay pipes of the Egyptians. Copper pipe dominated modern indoor plumbing for the last century, and as of late plastic has come on the scene along with some serious benefits. PEX pipe in particular is made from polyethylene, which allows it to be flexible and easy to install.

  • More environmentally friendly than other plastic pipes.
  • Can be recycled.
  • Require fewer fittings and are less likely to leak.
  • Are extremely flexible and easy to install.
  • Highly durable.

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