Gas Line Services in Sacramento

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Gas lines are a critical part of your home: they power your water heater, your fireplace, your stove, and other appliances in and around your premises that keep your home warm, dry and comfy. When you need gas line repair, installation, or replacement services, the right professional can mean the difference between a reliable and efficient system and repeated calls for repairs.

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West Sacramento, CA Gas Line Services

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What Are Some Common Signs You Have a Gas Leak?

  • Hissing sound: A hissing sound near your gas lines is a common sign that you might have a substantial gas leak.
  • Dead plants: A noticeable patch of dry or dead vegetation is usually a typical sign that a gas pipe underneath may be leaking.
  • Rotten egg smell: Propane and natural gas are odorless and colorless. For safety purposes, utility companies use an additive that gives the gas a distinctive smell that’s hard to miss.
  • White fog or mist: If you see an unusual cloud of fog or mist around your property, that could mean a ruptured gas line. Be sure to call your gas company right away.

Reasons to Invest in a New Gas Line Installation

New gas line installations are quite common in Sacramento. Here are some reasons why you might have a gasfitter install new gas lines in your house:

  • To shift from electricity.
  • To connect new rooms and structures.
  • To replace old worn-out gas pipes.
  • To add new gas appliances.
  • To shift from electricity.

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What Are the Most Common Gas Piping Problems?

Aging and corrosion of the pipes can result in gas leaks. When your pipes were installed, they may have been sized incorrectly meaning the pipe fittings don’t match, leading to problems with the gas line. The seals on ball joints can also become dry and crack. Tree roots and other extreme weather or temperature changes can also cause problems.

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